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Our expertise is often commissioned for large orders and projects abroad and this particularity makes our professionalism capable of responding to the needs and aesthetic tastes of customers from diverse cultures and lifestyles.
In Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, we followed the construction site of a building located in the residential area, linked to the important real estate investment of a group of entrepreneurs and divided into apartments intended for sale and units as investment property.

For the housing units intended for leasing, the customer felt the necessity to entrust the realisation and overall coordination of the project to a single firm, capable of providing all the material and the delivery of durable furniture and furnishings of excellent quality.

We made the apartments habitable and complete of all furnishings, in line with the budget.
Thanks to our ability to act  and thanks to the "turnkey" solution to which we are able to respond with flexibility and competence, Line Design was confirmed as the ideal structure to be commissioned with this large work.
We assisted the customer with great attention and care in the selection of materials and finishes for each apartment.
Each unit and environment has been differentiated depending on the location and surface area.
All the apartments to be leased were also completed with accessories - from curtains and carpets to electrical appliances and bathroom furniture.

Our qualified staff also provided for the delivery and installation of all furniture and accessories, in accordance with the contract deadline for the delivery of the completed housing units.