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To be the reference point in the realization of the Italian headquarters of a multinational company quoted on the stock exchange has represented for us a source of great pride and recognition, as well as great responsibility and professional challenge.
Our role in this important project, was of "general contractor" that is responsible for the overall coordination of the project from the planning to the execution of the work, providing all the material, labour, equipment and services needed for start-up and execution of the project.
Linea Design’s twenty years experience, has allowed us to maintain order in this long production chain guaranteeing punctuality, the highest precision and professionalism of all participants during the four months work.
We have aligned the customer's preferences with the high profile of the structure that hosts them, "La Forgiatura", a project that follows the philosophy of full recovery of the old structures and which has become one of the most sought after and interesting directional centres for high profile companies in Milan.

We proposed functional solutions realizing tailored products for the intervention, from over 1000 ceiling lamps designed by us to the tables and furnishings of the meeting rooms.
We have provided products and services to complete and furnish the space, consigned unrefined to the customer, and created unique environments to meet the various needs of the customer. 

The large order has led us to work in synergy with the client’s architecture firm, as well as coordinating the workers involved in completing the masonry and systems.
To organize and harmonize a work with a team of so many different and important professionals, calls for an excellent global overview of the project and management regarding all production steps as well as the foresight and administration of contingencies.
The maximum attention paid to production work and organization of suppliers allowed us to deliver the site in only 90 days, in compliance with the mandatory time indicated by the client.

The solution proposed for organizing the spaces directed us towards ad hoc customize studies for the actual environments.
Among them, of great visual impact is the oval meeting room, the pride of the entire building, whose construction required the necessity to have only windows, without structural pillars, at the front.
The intervention peculiarity, designed in collaboration with the architect Paolo Cortivo’s studio  led us to the realization of a cantilever roof supported by a structure designed and tailored built.

Of great effort and complexity, was also the realization of the same meeting room table with sufficient capacity to accommodate up to thirty people. We designed and manufactured a metal supporting structure for the base, finished with coated steel mirror panels, removable to allow wiring and maintenance. The top, of 1 cm thickness, veneered with a radial pattern and lacquered open pore, appears light and suspended in the air.

The realization of this project which involved a considerable work entity, accuracy, tight deadlines, coordination of delivery and assembly teams, team work with other companies and architecture firms, represents a fundamental experience in handling large orders, in accordance with customer requirements.