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Private house, Principality of Monaco

Producing an interior design project for a very special social and geographical setting like this is not easy, but as always the ability and mastery of our staff has managed to create a model of quality, elegance and essentiality in one of the most prestigious Monte Carlo properties a model for quality, elegance and essentiality.
Every living function of the apartment has been designed and implemented by LDM, with made-to-measure furnishing elements, to create an overall image of strong visual impact and a clear identity of the needs of the client/customer.
The built-in kitchen unit is a particularly interesting solution, and in its formal simplicity it hides a remarkable technical craft and control over materials and colours, but this can be seen in the entire project.
Technology played a major role, also for the in-depth study of solutions, specifically conceived for this project.
The various parts were assembled on site, and this is an integral part of the organizational and professional skills of the company, since the final product is a perfect match between the project concept and its actual implementation in the building site, with a turnkey supply of all complementary elements, from doors to lights.
Also this project, that has been recently completed, expresses the intention of LDM to position itself in a high-end market area, with the ability to solve any type of construction issue, and with any available budget, always ensuring quality, which is the final objective of our activity.