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It is always fascinating to work on the complete renovation of a residence, where continuous research finds the right balance between renewal and respect of customer's taste.
Entering a private home brings with it a particular mission: to better express the identity of those who will live and feel at home there, without intruding on their privacy.
And in respect of that privacy, we have chosen to share - with the customer's approval - some representative shots of the villa, while concealing its location.

The detached house, has undergone extensive renovation both inside and outside, with a "tailor made" layout  to interpret the personal way of living the spaces.
Thanks to the harmony and the generosity of the spaces, the first floor has been enhanced to give hospitality together with other aggregation areas such as those designed around the infinity pool and the large outdoor table.

White dominates and governs the environments, both internal and external. A chromatic choice with its elegance and purity that never goes out of fashion.
White as a choice to pleasantly appose more decisive and intense shades.
White also as a tool that allows to dare with details.

We dealt with the interior design and the choice of materials and decorations, the supply of furniture and furnishings.

Every detail has been meticulously followed and the customer’s needs led us to conceive furniture solutions designed and customized by Linea Design.
All furnishings and upholstery were pre-assembled before delivery.

Particular attention has been paid to the details, from the table and the coffee table with marble tops worked open book,  to create geometric patterns, to the curtains with motorized opening system, operated with a remote control, to the curved wall behind the bed in the master bedroom with backlit panels covered with vintage matelasse leather.
Every detail has also been enhanced for outdoor furniture, with the placement of a convivial area with table, chairs, umbrellas and all personalized accessories.

We have studied and also provided the audio and video systems for the living and sleeping areas, and the outdoor/pool areas with a Sonos management and connection system, meeting the needs and the costumer’s complete satisfaction. 
We believe that this project in a prestigious location, which has engaged us for the duration of six months, represents fully the characteristics that distinguish Linea Design to listening, attention when gathering customer needs and their best interpretation.