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In the hinterland of Milan, among the most important European city in Italy, Linea
Design has designed the premises of a longstanding commercial activity, now in its third
generation, which has been able to renew itself with taste and style.
Linea Design more and more characterises itself for the exclusiveness of its design,
conceived and tailor made according to the customer's wishes, always putting great care
in each and every detail.
Consistent with its way of working, Linea Design has followed the customer’s needs in
the design, arrangement of the furniture, and choice of materials and finishes as well as
in the supply of furnishings and furnishing accessories.
Each element has been designed and tailored in accordance to our client’s needs,
considering the specifics of the business premises, thus creating a perfect balance and
synergy of taste and functionality.
The extension of the premises and the need to maintain the structural elements of the
building, led to the choice of enhancing both the aesthetics of such structural elements
and the functionality of the commercial activity.
Thanks to Linea Design’s, Simone’s hairstyling is now characterised by an elegant
combination of leather and marble, combined with a careful choice of materials and
finishes, exclusive furnishing accessories as well as unique wallpaper all designed by our
In addition Linea Design has created a working environment which considers and
responds to the many different needs of those who work in it, installing ideal lights
that enhance the aesthetics and the beauty of details.