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Via Piero della Francesca in Milan means "quality" to those who knows their stuff about food and clothing.
The area is very lively with different points of interest and trendy clubs that qualify it as one of the most renowned locations, from aperitif time onwards.

The challenge of this exciting project was to give new suit and soul to what was a pizzeria until that moment.
The Entrepreneurs who have taken over, have chosen to create a restaurant with Asian cuisine, "Zen-Ci", characterized by healthy steamed dishes, placing it in a medium high market segment, very different from the usual customers of the previous space.
Our mission was to emphasize "Nature", both in terms of the customer’s perceptions and of the proposed food, to live a sensory experience, enhanced by the high quality of the gastronomic offers.
This common thread led us, as the main goal, to the redevelopment and transformation of the ambience.
Each space has been characterized by a minimalist and essential handling of the furniture with linear tables and chairs, to give the right enhancement to the walls dressed in bespoke upholstery with themes linked to vegetation and lighting.
The Green Forest marble, the tones of decorations, flooring and tailored furnishings in earthy colours, in contrast with the essentiality of the tables and chairs in white, have created an impressive atmosphere.
The end result exerted a great fascination on the client himself who was able to exploit and appreciate the attention that has been given to details from the hidden wardrobe closet in the main room to the lamps and the full wall mirror in the second room.
We also worked on the choice and supply of tablecloths, cutlery, plates and glasses, coordinated with the ambience and the type of restaurant.

The choice of "tailor made" quality, that is the ability to give a "tailored suit" to our work, leads us to make - every time - the right and the winning choice every time.